Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Denver Nuggets Basketball - This Is How We Do It!

Facts as we know it...

As of today, March 20th, 2013, since the All-Star break, the Denver Nuggets have won 17 games and lost one:

  • Eight wins were against teams heading into the playoffs
  • Seven wins were by margins of 10 points or more
  • Two wins (vs Minnesota and New York) were by 23 points, to the delight of third stringers
The Denver Nuggets have been scoring like nobody's business, with the majority of their points from inside the paint.  Fans have appreciated nine nights when the Nuggs scored more than 110 points, providing opportunities for a terrific deal at participating Taco Bells in Colorado.  

The games have certainly been very exciting for fans.  The Denver Nuggets have been very entertaining to watch, but not necessarily because their starters are doing a stellar job.  On many nights, the bench collectively out-performs the starters, with JaVale McGee's slams, Corey Brewer's steals, Wilson Chandler's drive and Andre Miller's outstanding assists.

JaVale McGee has been shooting extremely well, with many baskets slammed in as part of an alley-oop.  In February, his field goal percentage was .625.  So far in March, McGee's field goal percentage is .569.  

In the month of March, alone (and we still have over a week to go before April), Corey Brewer has had 23 steals.  Nine of Brewer's steals were against the Oklahoma City Thunder; he had five of them on March 1st and four on March 19th.

Hitting his career-high 35 points per game twice since the All-Star break, Wilson Chandler has been a major contributor to the Denver Nuggets' win streak.  He is a defensive player who rebounds the ball and is not afraid to drive to the hole.  His three-point shot is not shabby either.

Denver Nuggets' playmaker, Andre Miller, has been launching alley-oops, making the games extremely fun to watch.  Miller has been an integral part of the wins of late, coming in at the end of the fourth quarter to ensure victories.  He plays smart basketball and makes a difference when the games go down to the wire.

The starters have definitely done their part too, but on some nights, they are dependent on the Nuggets' bench to bring in the spark.  
  • Ty Lawson has done well, scoring over 20 points in nine games since the break.   
  • Danilo Gallinari is about the only Nugget who is shooting free throws well, averaging .878 in March.  
  • Although Andre Iguodala's scoring has been inconsistent, he has consistently been contributing everywhere else, catching rebounds, stealing the ball, and earning assists.
  • Kosta Koufos has been pulling down rebounds and even shooting well with a few high-scoring games since the break.
  • The Manimal, Kenneth Faried, has played hard, logging six games with double-doubles.

The Denver Nuggets are lighting up the scoreboards, running the floor, and successfully completing multiple alley-oops during this phenomenal run.  There is a very good chance the Denver Nuggets will end up in the third seed in the Western Conference.  They've certainly built confidence on this streak.  After all, they beat the Oklahoma City Thunder twice, once by ten points.

Go Nuggets!